P4P Rust Learning Group
This is what I have been thinking about when I think of 'p4p': not just a version bump for a technology with a specific network shape; but a way of working in solidarity towards a common goal — even when we are working on different projects.
The P4P Rust Learning Group is a learning group for any folks who share dreams of non-extractive infrastructure, and are working in Rust, or interested in learning about Rust.
The main platform for the group is a public matrix channel, where you can ask questions about your Rust confusions, share resources you find about working with Rust, and mutually support the work of other Rustaceans with p4p dreams.
The group is open to beginners and experts. We hope to deepen our understanding of the language wherever we are at.
There are no time requirements for joining, feel free to participate when you have energy and availability, and to share whatever questions are on your mind.
If you are interested, you can join the channel via the link below.